The 13 Secret Recipe to Creating Viral Content For Your Blog


We all dream of creating that one piece of content that suddenly goes viral and brings thousands of new visitors to our sites. But viral content doesn’t just happen by accident – there is a recipe for creating content that resonates and gets shared like crazy.

In this post, I’m going to break down the secret ingredients that go into writing viral blog posts and content. Follow this recipe, and you’ll be whipping up posts that spread like wildfire across the internet.

1. Hook Them With an Intriguing Headline

The headline is the very first thing people see, so it has to grab attention and create intrigue. Ask a provocative question, pose an interesting hypothetical, or promise to reveal a fascinating secret. Just don’t give everything away upfront. You want the headline to spark curiosity and tempt readers to click through.

2. Open With an Irresistible Introduction

Your opening lines are prime real estate. Use them to set the scene, pose a mind-blowing statistic, or drop a fascinating anecdote. Give just enough of a taste to draw the reader in without spoiling the full story. Great viral content opens with an introduction that demands to be read.

3. Share Something Surprising

Viral content disrupts expectations and challenges assumptions. Look for unexpected insights, counterintuitive data points, or fresh perspectives. Information that surprises sticks in our brains and begs to be shared. Drop some knowledge bombs that make readers go “Whoa, I never thought of it that way before!”

4. Appeal to Emotion

Content that evokes strong emotions – humor, anger, warm fuzzies – gets shared the most. Make ’em laugh, tug on their heartstrings, fire them up with righteous indignation. Emotional resonance is social currency. Infuse your posts with humor, heart, and humanity.

5. Use the Power of Storytelling

Facts inform but stories inspire action. The human brain is wired to respond to narrative. Share case studies, user stories, origin tales, before-and-afters. Paint a vivid picture that transports readers into another world. Stories give viral content its heart and soul.

6. Employ the Rule of Threes

Lists, tips, and sequences of three have natural viral appeal. Three feels complete yet digestible. Use the rule of three to structure advice, highlight key points, or lay out arguments. Top 10 lists are perennial favorites. Harness the persuasive power of threes.

7. Add Shareable Images and Media

Posts with relevant images and video spread farther and faster. Create custom graphics, embed engaging video, add shareable quotes as images. Compelling visuals make content more accessible, digestible, and primed for social sharing. Pictures speak a thousand viral words.

8. Structure Content With Bold Headings

Bold headings break up walls of text and guide the reader through your content. They also make posts more shareable because headings preview what the content is about. Use clear, benefit-driven headings to create a scannable, share-friendly structure.

9. End With a Call to Action

Wrap up your viral blog posts with clear next steps. Give readers specific direction on how to continue the conversation: subscribe for more insights, share the post with others, leave a comment with thoughts. Solid calls to action keep your content reverberating instead of fading away.

10. Sprinkle in Share Triggers

Social sharing is the lifeblood of viral content. Make it easy for readers to share by including inline share buttons, CTAs to tweet or pin quotes, and links to share on Facebook. The path of least resistance from reading to sharing is paved with share triggers.

11. Keep it Current and Timely

Content that rides the wave of current events and topics has a better chance of going viral. Stay on top of evergreen subjects as well as trends and seasonal interests. A timely hook positions your content to catch the viral wave.

12. Optimize for Search and Shareability

Use target keywords in headings, URLs, meta descriptions, and content. This helps get your content found in search and informs readers what it’s about. Structure posts for skimmability and sharing – short paragraphs, bulleted lists, strong headings.

13. Promote and Amplify Your Content

Don’t just publish and pray your content goes viral. Have a promotion plan to get it in front of your target audience. Share it on social media, pitch it to influencers, run ads. The more quality eyeballs you drive to your viral bait, the better chance it has of catching fire.

My Final Words: Viral content success doesn’t happen by luck. It happens by strategically crafting content that connects with the right people and compels them to share with others. Use this recipe for shareable blog posts, and you’ll be on your way to creating buzzworthy content that attracts links, traffic, and new fans.

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Now get out there and start cooking up some viral content! What strategies do you use to create contagious content? Share your secrets in the comments!


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