Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students

The program of Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students is a guiding light for international students who aspire to study in the province of Quebec, Canada, which is known for its rich culture and liveliness.

The scholarship program aims to promote international collaboration and cultural exchange, making higher education more accessible while simultaneously providing diverse perspectives to the Quebec academic community.

The Quebec Merit Scholarship is available for students pursuing their undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees, offering an opportunity for them to pursue their academic aspirations in one of Canada’s most dynamic provinces.

Who Is Eligible for the Quebec Merit Scholarship? 

Determining whether you are eligible for the Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students is a crucial step in the application process.

The program has been created with specific standards to recognize and support exceptional international students who want to study in Quebec. The following is a comprehensive list of requirements for eligibility:

The scholarship is open to all candidates who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and have not applied for permanent residency under Canadian immigration laws.

Other criteria include:

– There is no age limit, but you cannot have previously received a scholarship for studies of the same level or higher in Quebec.

– You cannot be receiving financial assistance from other sources for studies at the same level.

– You must be outside of Canada when submitting the application and until the announcement of the results.

– Priority is given to applicants from member countries of the Francophonie (excluding France and its overseas territories) and countries of the leading markets of Asia (China, India, Japan) and the Americas (Mexico, Brazil).

Eligibility for the Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students is based on a combination of academic excellence, research potential, and meeting specific administrative criteria.

It is recommended that applicants review these requirements carefully and prepare their applications accordingly to increase their chances of being selected for this prestigious award.

The Application Process For The Quebec Merit Scholarship

Here is a guide that covers all the steps of the application process:

Firstly, keep in mind that you cannot apply directly to the program. Instead, you must be pre-selected by a Quebec university that is interested in supporting your research project.

To do this, you can reach out to researchers or departments at universities that align with your field of study and discuss your research interests and potential fit for their projects.

They will help you through their pre-selection process.

Once you have been pre-selected, you will receive access to an online platform where you can complete the official application form.

This will require you to provide:

– Personal information such as your name, contact details, and academic background.

– A detailed description of your proposed research project, including your objectives, methodology, and expected results.

– A signed document from the Quebec university confirming your pre-selection and their commitment to hosting you.

– Supporting documents such as transcripts, CV, and recommendation letters.
Remember, the key to a successful application is thorough preparation and attention to detail.

Ensure all your documents are complete, accurate, and submitted within the given timelines.

Benefits of the Scholarship

The Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students provides a range of benefits that aim to support the academic journey and enhance the living experience of international students in Quebec.

These benefits demonstrate the program’s commitment to attracting top talent and nurturing a lively and diverse academic community. Below is a detailed summary of the main benefits that beneficiaries can expect:

Coverage of Tuition Fees: The scholarship covers a significant portion, if not all, of the tuition fees, thereby easing the financial burden on international students and allowing them to focus more on their studies and research.

Monthly Allowance: Recipients receive a monthly allowance that helps cover living expenses such as housing, food, and transportation. This financial support is essential to enable students to maintain a comfortable standard of living while away from home.

Health Insurance: The program offers health insurance coverage for the duration of the scholarship, ensuring that students have access to medical care without worrying about high costs. This is particularly beneficial given the unfamiliarity with the healthcare system and potential language barriers.

Funding for Research: For those engaged in master’s or doctoral research, the scholarship may provide additional funding to support research activities. This could include grants for laboratory materials, fieldwork, or attendance at international conferences, enabling scholars to fully engage with their research without financial constraints.

Support for Language Training: Since proficiency in either French or English is critical, the scholarship program provides support for language training. This ensures that students can communicate effectively in their academic environment and integrate more easily into Quebec society.

These benefits collectively make the Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students a comprehensive package that goes beyond financial assistance. It aims to provide a supportive and enriching environment where international students can flourish academically, professionally, and personally. academically, professionally, and personally.


The Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students is a significant step towards international education, connecting promising students worldwide with the reputable academic institutions of Quebec.

It goes beyond being a financial assistance program, as it embraces a comprehensive approach to nurturing global talent, celebrating cultural diversity, and promoting academic research within this vibrant Canadian province.

To conclude, the Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students is a testament to Quebec’s hospitable nature, commitment to academic excellence, and cultural diversity. It sets the stage for a future where education transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together individuals eager to learn, explore, and contribute to the global community.

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